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Bajra .

Bajra offered by us, has become a nutritious alternative to whole wheat roti due to its high nutrient profile. Although its roti has slightly more calories, the higher protein and critical nutrient content more than compensates. It is highly suggested that you incorporate it in your daily diet. Our provided Bajra is a gluten-free grain that can help you lose weight. It boosts your metabolism because it's high in fibre and vitamins. This is very effective as well as economical and safe to use. 

Cereals Oats

Our delicious Cereals Oats are perfect breakfast options. They are crunchy, nutritious and tasty. Their ingredients list contains the best. The cereals are a rich source of fiber,  minerals, vitamins as well as antioxidants. The Cereals Oats that we offer are easy to prepare. One can consume it with cold or hot milk, regularly. The oat cereals are offered to clients after assuring proper packing of the stock. The cereals are packed in air tight packaging to prevent any contamination or harm to its freshness.